Softech Bomber 6'4

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The Bomber has a tapered tail shape with a longboard outline up front, making this board the ultimate cruiser that will flow down the line and turn on a dime.

With so much area up front, the Bomber paddles incredibly well. She glides with ease from a forward position yet will still slice a nice carve off the tail.

With the FCS II system, the need for any screws or tool to secure the fins has been eliminated. Simply insert the front of the fin into the plug and use downward pressure to lock the fin in place.

Easily insert & remove the fins based on the wave conditions or the riders ability. Don't upgrade your board -just change your fins.


Size: 6'4""

Dimensions: 6'4" x 21 x 3 

Core: 100% Waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core 

Stringer: Double Stringer 

Fin Setup: Tri (x3 FCS II Fin Setup) 

Fin System: FCS II 

Volume: 6'4": 56L 


+ Leash Plug installed

+ FCS II Softflex Fins included

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