Naish Wing S25, dunkelblau

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S25 WING-SURFER WING-SURFING The original Naish Wing-Surfer was designed as a one size does... mehr
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The original Naish Wing-Surfer was designed as a one size does it all SUP and surf-foil wing that has launched a whole new era in wind-powered watersports.

The S25 Wing-Surfer takes the first generation Wing-Surfer's basic design principle and carries it into the future. What has not changed is the pure, simple, pump-and-go design philosophy. But the changes made to the new Wing-Surfer are many and address the demands of a rapidly growing new sport.

The first major change is that the new Wing-Surfer is now available in five sizes: 2.8, 3.6, 4.6, 5.3 and 6.0 m2.

The second big change is the addition of large windows in the new Wing-Surfer, creating a safer and more engaging ride for both beginners and advanced.

Leading edge diameters have increased substantially over the original Wing-Surfer. This combined with an increase in canopy profile depth gives the new Wing-Surfer a dramatically stiffer, more stable and more "solid" frame, while requiring a lower inflation pressure. More on demand power in lighter winds with increased wing rigidity in stronger winds is the result, improving performance in both underpowered and powered conditions.

Finally, the overall outline and shape of the wings has been re-designed to provide a more balanced power delivery, which combined with new construction details make the new Wing-Surfers better handling and stronger.

The new Wing-Surfer is still an amazingly simple, pump-and-go design, but it now offers more sizes, power and performance allowing you to take this sport wherever you want to go.


SIZES: 2.8 | 3.6 | 4.6 | 5.3 | 6.0


Im Lieferumfang: Wing, Rucksack, Handleash und Pumpe - ready to fly!

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