Ride Engine Kite Trapez Hex Core, gunmetal grey 2018

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Das neue Kitetrapez von Ride Engine. Dieses Trapez hat sich bei uns ganz schnell zum... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ride Engine Kite Trapez Hex Core, gunmetal grey 2018"

Das neue Kitetrapez von Ride Engine. Dieses Trapez hat sich bei uns ganz schnell zum meistverkauften und auch verdienten besten Trapez entwickelt!

Angaben des Herstellers:

The Ride Engine Hex Core series features a honeycomb core that provides slightly more flex than the elite series. This high-tech construction method distributes pull evenly across your lumbar while still maintaining comfort and a low profile fit. The Hex Core returns as our most popular harness in 5 different colors and features an all new ultra simple buckle system.

- PRECISION FIT: Modeled from hundreds of custom body molds, the harness shell conforms to the contours of a rider’s back for a precision ergonomic fit.

- LUMBAR LOCK:  Harness conforms to lumbar, back and sides to lock securely in place. Harness won’t slide from side to side or ride up.

- NEW, SPEED LOCK CLOSURE SYSTEM:  Completely redesigned for 2018, the Speed Lock closure system now features dual-zone webbing and a metal clasp to replace the single strap and PU tubing of our previous versions. This design prevents loosening as you ride, allows for easier tightening on the fly and lets you cinch the harness even tighter.

- ARMOR SHELL: Industry’s first hard shell harness, the Armor is light, strong and ergonomically contoured. Load is distributed seamlessly from the spreader bar to the armor shell, preventing harness from buckling or pinching.

- REMOVABLE HANDLE PASS LEASH:  Harness comes with easily removable handle pass leash mount around the back for freestyle riders. Harness also has two front-mounted leash attachment points for use when handle pass leash is removed.

- NEW, FUSION FOAM: New and improved. Softer and more ergonomic foam core conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold.

- Interchangeable Spreader Bards: Your harness. Your choice. Choose between the classic performance of our fixed hook spreader bar or opt into the metal slider bar for the premium in hooked-in performance. Spreader Bar sold separately!

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Achtung: Das Trapez kommt ohne Hakenplatte!!! (Nicht wie auf den Bildern!) Die Hakenplatte, Slider oder Metalhaken findest du bei uns auch!


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