Simmer Sails Blacktip Wave Segel 2015

Simmer Sails Blacktip Wave Segel 2015
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  The Blacktip is an ultra-light four batten wave sail, designed for ideal performance... mehr
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The Blacktip is an ultra-light four batten wave sail, designed for ideal performance with multi-fin boards. The compact outline offers a manoeuvrable and forgiving sail with a lot of down-force which generates speed in turns. With handling that goes from powered to neutral in an instant, the Blacktip allows you to get tighter bottom turns and  fingertip precision on the wave. The 2 MIL Q-Ply paneling in the top half of the sail, gives light swing-weight handling, while the bottom half of the sail is reinforced with 5 MIL X-Ply to handle tough conditions. The 2015 Blacktip presents the best drive and maneuverability in our wave sail range for  the modern progressive wave riding style. 

- The two kevlar stretch control tendons combined with a progressive batten layout secures the sail profile giving the sail a wide wind range

- A lower positioned clew ring to respond to a more upright sailing position, seen in multi-fin sailing.

- Low end power for early planing, high cut foot combined with relatively short boom for maneuverbility.

- Superb ability to de-power in the critical moment of a maneuver and very forgiving handling characteristic.

- Wider sleeve for more front end drive. 

 "The 2015 Blacktip combines an ultralight and very neutral feel with plenty of power and a unique top end control. There is no wave conditions that would not suit the Blacktip ? if it?s waist-high bump and jump conditions or 6 meter Hookipa ? the Blacktip is always a top choice. It rides so effortless ? everything feels easy!"  - Klaas Voget G-4

size boom  luff   mast     vario top    battens
4.2  155     371  370/17  fixed          4
4.7  165     390  370/17  fixed          4

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