Severne NuEvo Hybrid Wood/Carbon

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Severne Nuevo Hybrid Wood/Carbon The Nuevo is a proven performer.  Rather than chase... mehr
Produktinformationen "Severne NuEvo Hybrid Wood/Carbon"

Severne Nuevo Hybrid Wood/Carbon

The Nuevo is a proven performer.  Rather than chase the latest trend or fad, the Nuevo design is a classic.  It enables average level riders to do pro-level turns.

Available in a wide range of sizes to suit any weight rider.  The bigger sizes open up wavesailing to heavier guys, or much lighter winds.There is no easier board to do full-rail turns than the Nuevo. It excels in knee to logo high waves, sideshore to side-onshore conditions.Wide spaced twin fins give the ultimate looseness, making the higher volume boards super easy to turn.  This enables the rider to use bigger boards for lighter winds and still lay down the turns they want to do.  New fin designs for 2016 make the Nuevo faster, and provide more grip.
Hybrid construction: Increased durability and smooth flex.


A twin fin configuration is the loosest of the wave board fin setups.  This looseness allows a sailor to ride a much bigger board than previously possible, as the board is still easy to turn.  Riding a board with 20 litres of extra volume really opens up lightwind wavesailing to any competent windsurfer.

Specifically designed for the Nuevo, the fins have increased surface area relative to their length for better grip and longer base lengths to increase drive. 

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