Goya Custom Pro Thruster 2020

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  • SW10277.2
Surfwave Thruster The all new Custom 3 Pro got a bit more lively and fun all around through... mehr
Produktinformationen "Goya Custom Pro Thruster 2020"

Surfwave Thruster

The all new Custom 3 Pro got a bit more lively and fun all around through new progressive rockers, more parallel outlines and re ned bottom shapes. More agile and surfy.

With the same core bottom curve as the previous model, they now have a lower entry and a higher tail rocker. This minus/plus rocker shift gives the boards better early plan- ing and more natural projection off the turns. The tail and nose outline points were slightly moved out to introduce more of the parallel outline concept, delivering easy rail to rail high end performance. The new thinner pro les increase power and comfort while improving the board balance and range of use. Pairing a thruster  n set-up

with a V/Double concave bottom shape and a parallel outline, the Custom 3 Pro uni es the classic three  n combo with a modern progressive wave shape. Double inserts on the back strap virtually eliminate strap twisiting. Featured on Goya Wave boards.

Marcilio enjoys riding the Thruster on smaller or onshore waves, describing the feeling as refreshing and fun, which is why the Custom 3 Pro carries his Pro model MB initials.

How does it compare to the One 3 Pro? The Custom 3 Pro has a more curved outline, designed for the more wave oriented rider, a middle ground indeed between our Custom 4 Pro and One 3 Pro.

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