Goya Custom Quad Pro 2020

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Surfwave Quad This is it. The latest and greatest evolution from our two world champions... mehr
Produktinformationen "Goya Custom Quad Pro 2020"

Surfwave Quad

This is it. The latest and greatest evolution from our two world champions Marcilio Browne and Francisco Goya. The Custom 4 Pro is the ultimate pro model wave board, straight from their board bag to yours, a custom performance board put into production. Carrying the MB initials for a reason.

These all new Quads slightly grew in width at the mid sec- tion and received a bit more area for the back foot while maintaining their lengths. The pro le has been thinned, compared to the last generation. Although the rockers share the same overall curve from the previous model, the all new Custom 4 Pro line incorporates a more de ned surfboard rocker, with a lower entry and higher tail. This

shift in the rocker allows them to better  t into the curve of the waves while still maintaining early planning and carry speed into the turns. The bottom features a slightly shal- lower double concave, making the board fast and direct. A nice feature update comes with the double inserts for the back strap, eliminating strap twisting, period.

Inspired by the Goya Youth development, a new 60 liter model has been added. We felt we had to make our favorite boards available to the growing youth. This new shape includes a narrower stance and further back mast track position to better balance the lighter/smaller advanced and professional riders.


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