Alterego Surfboards Mustang

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  • SW10331
Easy paddling and quick take off with a classic fish-style relaxed entry rocker, medium rails... mehr
Produktinformationen "Alterego Surfboards Mustang"

Easy paddling and quick take off with a classic fish-style relaxed entry rocker, medium rails for cutting-edge bottom turns, while maintaining high speed in small waves and great stability in bigger waves.

The concave is set from single to double to improve maneuverability and speed, while the round-pin tail works to stabilize and perform clean lines also in hollow sections.

Maximum width is 2″ off the center to the nose, with more volume under the chest and front foot to ensure early take off.

Use it as one board quiver, in everyday surfing as tripping around the world.


5'6" x 19 1/2" x 2 1/2" = 28,8 lts

6'0" x 21 1/4" x 2 3/4" = 37 lts

(mehr Größen auf Anfrage!)


We are proud to introduce the ACT 2.0 – ACTIVE CORK TECHNOLOGY; an innovative core design with internal curvilinear cork stringers.

Cork is great for vibration damping; this allows speed control also in choppy conditions, balancing extra-pop in critical turns with smooth transitions in foamy sections. Feel free to be as radical as you can: cork stringers will help you with safe landings, working as shock absorbers for your ankles and knees. Unique flex and soft rebound give immediately a natural feeling to every kind of surfer, no matter what level you are.

The eps core comes with a 4+6/4 E-Cloth layers standard lamination, building up an extra-strong structure in no weight.

Our 7-step finishing includes dual process on edges refining and top-quality final coating with a water-based anti UV layer.

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