Starboard Paddel Enduro Tiki Tech Sonni Wave, skinny, vario

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Starboard Paddel Enduro Tiki Tech Sonni Sun, vario Wir haben sehr gute Erfahrungen mit den... mehr
Produktinformationen "Starboard Paddel Enduro Tiki Tech Sonni Wave, skinny, vario"

Starboard Paddel Enduro Tiki Tech Sonni Sun, vario

Wir haben sehr gute Erfahrungen mit den Paddeln von Starboard gemacht. Im Ein- und Aufsteiger-Bereich sind die Enduro-Paddel aufgrund ihrer Funktion, Gewicht und dem Handling sehr zu empfehlen!

Hier bekommst du das Paddel mit einer Grafik von der deutschen Profisurferin Sonni Hönscheid !

Schaft: Skinny - dünnerer Schaft

Schafthärte: S40

Bladegröße: M - 525 cm2

Länge: 154cm - 213cm


Angaben des Herstellers:

The Enduro is direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. Increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade.

Low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and also great to lean on while wave riding.

Direct catch

The double concave on the power face is guiding the water throughout the blade controlling the wobbling and increasing the water flow speed.

The edge defining the double concave starts round-shaped at the tip of the blade to separate the water smoothly. It then becomes sharper to dictate the water its path and stabilize the blade.

All your power is transferred in a straight forward motion as you don’t need to worry about paddle alignment in the water anymore.

Angle of the blade

What makes the Enduro blade so versatile is its angle.

With 13° angle, the blade works in many different conditions.
It’s the perfect angle to push you out of the water fast enough to catch a wave.

It’s a great angle to cruise on a lake as it won’t require too much technique to achieve a pleasant speed.

Blade Technologies

• Flex and strength are tuned into each blade size and shape through the utilisation of Biaxial and Uni-directional cloths.
• A blade with good flex allows one to paddle longer and harder without getting tired.
• All 2018 blades are using plant based Bio Resin, maintaining high performance with a lower impact on the environment.
• All ABS blades now use recylced plastic.
Schaft S40
• A balance in performance between stiffness and flex.
• Available in Fixed Carbon and Hybrid Carbon.
• Available in Kids and Skinny adjustable, both in Carbon and Hybrid Carbon.
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