Slingshot Kiteboard Crisis, komplett mit Dually Bindung 2018

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  • SW10141
Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard: With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Slingshot Kiteboard Crisis, komplett mit Dually Bindung 2018"

Slingshot Crisis Kiteboard:

With a lighter, more flexible layup and a mild rocker profile, the Crisis is a predictable and approachable board that inspires confidence for riders who need it most. As you progress, a vertically laminated wood core gives the board a lively, springy feel that makes it fun for riders of all abilities. When you don’t need the technical features of our more advanced boards, the Crisis will keep you satisfied for seasons to come.


Rider Profile:

The Crisis is an excellent choice for beginners, kite schools and mellow riders who don’t need the high-performance technical features of a more advanced board. While not a “beginner-specific” board, the soft, forgiving feel is of most benefit to a more mellow level of riding.



Slingshot twin tips are hand crafted out of all wood cores. We use sustainably grown Paulownia, which gives the lively, springy character that Slingshot boards are famous for. Our vertically laminated construction harnesses the collect strength of the wood’s grain and provides strength, durability and consistent flex over the life of the board. As an added layer of protection, we finish every board with a full urethane rail to protect from inevitable mishaps and impacts with hard objects. We’ve added vibrant urethane colors give the visual pop distinct to Slingshot.


Carbon Bedrock inserts: 

One of many Slingshot innovations, our carbon-reinforced inserts have proven to be the lightest, strongest and most flexible we’ve seen yet. These new inserts, introduced on our 2017 lineup, reduce overall board weight, increase pull strength and allow for a more consistent flex under foot.


Package includes

Crisis deck 

(4) 2" kite fins

Grab handle


Dependable, user-friendly performance 

Light weight, soft flex 

Mild rocker great for cruising and entry-level riding 

A sure bet for beginners 

Wood core provides lively feel and durability



One ride on the Duallys and you’ll never want to go back to regular footpads again. Designed to fit any foot on any board with industry standard 6" spacing, the Duallys are the result of more than 15 years of Slingshot innovation. The 2018 Duallys feature a new softer foam on top of your foot with a smoother and more plush neoprene resulting in a more ergonomic and comfortable ride. The result is a footstrap that will lock down tight, hold firmly in place and leave you walking away pain-free after a long day on the water. For precision fit, the Dually features a four-point adjustment system that allows for independent tightening at the front and rear of the pad. They also feature a rotating base plate that allows riders to customize their stance to their desired angle.


4 - 12 US / 22.5 - 27.9 CM

Package Includes:




Perfect fit w/ four-point micro-adjustment straps & velcro closure

Longer sessions, happier feet w/ ergonomically-designed footbeds

Great binding for booties: fits large feet, straps down tight

Cushy comfort on tough landings

Freestyle friendly

Super secure, grippy texture & toe ridges help keep the board on your feet without strain


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