Slingshot Kitebar Compstick Guardian 2017

Slingshot Kitebar Compstick Guardian 2017
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Angaben des Herstellers: • Slingshot’s patented below-the bar trim setup  • Simple,... mehr
Produktinformationen "Slingshot Kitebar Compstick Guardian 2017"

Angaben des Herstellers:

• Slingshot’s patented below-the bar trim setup 
• Simple, clutter-free design: ride hard, ride with confidence 
• Features the strongest and longest lasting lines available 
• Huge depower, maximum throw, easy-reach depower 
• Low-profile, reliable, easy-reset safety release system 

Guardian characteristics: 
Slingshot riders trust the Compstick Guardian setup for its simplistic design, bomber construction and easy-access below-the-bar depower system. With the Guardian, the trim cleat is located just above the chicken loop and is integrated into the safety release mechanism. The result is a streamline system that removes eye-level components, placing them within easy reach below the bar and allowing for more throw above the bar. For 2017, we’ve given the Compstick a fresh new visual presence and have carried over improvements to the floats, grips, redesigned bar ends and safety leash that were implemented in 2016. 

Guardian rider profile: 
You’ll love the Compstick Guardian if you want ultimate control and confidence, the Compstick’s intuitive and streamlined below-the-bar depower and safety is unrivaled by any other bar on the market.

17" bar x 20m lines
20" bar x 20m lines with 3m extensions
23" bar x 27m lines

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