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Quatro Sup Glide Air Quatro Sup Glide Air
Premiumqualität und einfach ein sehr gutes aufblasbares Sup von Quatro ! Angaben des Herstellers: All-Around Thruster The Glide Air is a wonderful all around inflatable Sup board that follows you wherever you carry or roll it inside its...
ab 799,00 € *
Quatro Wing Drifter Quatro Wing Drifter
Foil Single. The all new Wing Drifter Pro is uncompromisingly dedicated to Wing-foiling and Sup-foiling. Its key perk lies in a super compact build, paired with high volume and a wide shape. The deck is flat for constant volume flow and...
1.489,00 € *
Quatro Carve Pro 2020 Quatro Carve Pro 2020
Surfing Thruster/Quad The new Carve Pro has been radically changed from previous years to deliver a vastly improved experi- ence for paddlers of all abilities and weights. The range sees the introduction of a new bigger Carve Pro for...
ab 1.945,00 € *
Quatro Glide Pro 2020 Quatro Glide Pro 2020
All-Around Thruster/Quad The new Glide Pro is more surfing oriented throughout all its sizes. Keith Teboul’s idea for the Glide Pro was to create something easy, stable and fast to paddle, yet it has a shining spark in its wave...
1.899,00 € *
Quatro Glide AST 2020 Quatro Glide AST 2020
The new Glide is identical to the Glide Pro except for it’s more affordable construction ideal for surf schools. Offering a durable, tough and light board, but considerably more affordable than our Pro Sup constructions, the Glide uses a...
ab 1.339,00 € *
Quatro Paddle Varioflex Pro, 65% Carbon, 2020 Quatro Paddle Varioflex Pro, 65% Carbon, 2020
Carbon Paddel, 65% Adjustable High performance paddle available in 3 sizes, S, M and L, to cover a wide range of riders. The S has a reduced diameter shaft, suitable for ladies and groms. The M is suitable for most riders, especially on...
319,00 € *
Quatro Cube Pro Quad 2021 Quatro Cube Pro Quad 2021
Surfwave Quad Keith Teboul: “For the Cube Pro’s latest generation I worked on putting as much emphasis on early planing as possible, giving you every single bit of boost you might want at any moment. It’s like a turbo that’s constantly...
ab 2.390,00 € *
Quatro Power Pro Freewave Thruster 2021 Quatro Power Pro Freewave Thruster 2021
Freewave Thruster The Power Pro sports the fastest tail rocker in the new range, milking that extra bit of naturally aspirated early planing and fast glide over the other boards. While the Power Pro is still super agile, you’ll notice...
2.319,00 € *
Quatro Pyramid Pro Thruster 2021 Quatro Pyramid Pro Thruster 2021
Surfwave Thruster Keith Teboul: “The all new launching Pyramid Pro is something I am very proud of. I wanted to come up with a new bottom concept that would incorporate the best elements of concave and vee together, allowing for the...
2.390,00 € *
Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2019 Quatro Pyramid Thruster 2019
Quatro Pyramid Pro Surfwave Thruster Keith Teboul: “I’ve been working on the Pyramid design with Levi and Camille for a couple of years now. They came to me looking for more speed and more grip without losing any of the looseness and...
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Quatro SUP Carve Pro 2018 Quatro SUP Carve Pro 2018
Wir haben ihn ausprobiert und sind begeistert!!! The new Carve comes with new shapes and two new sizes. Keith Teboul: “The Carve is a performance paddle board for aggressive riding. The fuller center outline and a more pulled in nose...
1.399,00 € * 1.799,00 € *
Quatro Sup Glide AST 2018 Quatro Sup Glide AST 2018
Glide AST All-Around Wave Thruster The all new Glide AST is identical to the Glide PRO except for it’s construction. The new Glide brings along two bigger sizes that are more surf oriented. Keith Teboul: “My idea for the Glide was to...
1.249,00 € *
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