Severne Nano 87 Liter, 2020, gebraucht

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Achtung: Gebrauchte Artikel könnt ihr nur bei uns im Geschäft kaufen. Dieses Board könnt ihr... mehr
Produktinformationen "Severne Nano 87 Liter, 2020, gebraucht"

Achtung: Gebrauchte Artikel könnt ihr nur bei uns im Geschäft kaufen. Dieses Board könnt ihr also leider nicht online kaufen, sondern bitte kommt vorbei und schaut euch das gute Teil bei uns an. Dann könnt ihr es auch genau unter die Lupe nehmen und mit einem Strahlen im Gesicht und dem Brett unterm Arm glücklich an den Strand fahren!

Das Brett ist in einem tadellosen Zustand. Die Fußschlaufen sind unbenutzt und die Finnen ohne jegliche Ditscher!

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Beschreibung des Herstellers:

The new Nano takes the compact waveboard concept to the next level.

Experiments with rocker, bottom contours, surface area distribution, and fin placement have delivered significant improvements in stability and all-around sailability. On top of that, acceleration and tight radius turning have also been enhanced with the addition of multiple channels in the tail. Aesthetics are aggressive. Performance is electrifying. Versatility is massive. 

Inspired by Tomo’s new-school surfboards, the Nano is a fresh wavesailing sensation.

Its parallel rails mean the width is narrower than on a traditional board, which makes it feel like you’re sailing a smaller board. The efficiency of the parallel rails means you’re up and planing as if you were riding a bigger board.

Initially conceived as a small wave, onshore biased design, the Nano proved to be so much more: 


Fast enough for onshore, stable enough for high speed, down-the-line wall rides. And then with the option of Thruster drive and power or Quad manoeuvrability. 


An efficient rocker with low-drag entry gets the Nano up and moving with the slightest gust. 


Volume distribution centres the volume where you need it, not up on the nose or right at the tail. This makes the Nano really efficient for its size. Small and efficient. 


Small. Its short length and narrow width make the Nano extremely compact. Sure, it fits in the car easier, but the real benefit is a smaller rotational space; fits into hollow sections of small waves, or quick aerial rotations. 


Blending from thin, refined rails at the tail and through the stance, the rails get progressively fuller towards the nose. This automatically sets the trim when turning – the front rides safe and high, while the tail bites and drives through the turn.

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