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AK Foil Surffoil 2000 AK Foil Surffoil 2000
Angaben des Herstellers: Intermediate aspect ratio for ease of use. Unique profile for great high-speed control. 2000cm² Surf front wing. The AK Surf Foil 2000 was developed for riders looking for a high lift front wing for wing foiling...
1.249,00 € *
AK Foilboard Phazer AK Foilboard Phazer
Angaben des Herstellers: Ultra-versatile foilboard. Modular foil platform. Surf , Pump, Wing, or Kite. AK and Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, introduce an exciting new range of foils and boards, as perfect companion for foiling at...
ab 1.349,00 € *
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